Please note that we deliver Monday - Saturday, excluding Bank Holidays. Although we use all reasonable means to ensure your order is delivered within the specified time frames, during busy periods (including sale) deliveries may take a little longer. We cannot accept responsibility for late deliveries due to unforeseen circumstances outside of our control.

International credit card providers or banks will determine the exchange rate and may add an additional processing or administration charge which the cardholder will be liable to pay.

All product prices shown on the website are inclusive of any applicable tax. This means that the total price you pay for the product is always the same, regardless of whether or not tax is chargeable on our sale of the product.

Customers may be contacted by our courier for additional customs information.

We ship worldwide!



Albania: 20-35 days

Argentina: 20-50 days

Australia: 15-35 days

Austria: 14-35 days

Belgium: 14-35 days

Brazil: 20-50 days

Canada: 15-45 days

Chile: 20-50 days

Costa Rica: 20-50 days

Czech Republic: 14-35 days

Egypt: 20-45 days

Estonia: 14-35 days

Finland: 14-35 days

France: 15-35 days

Germany: 20-45 days

Greece: 20-40 days

Hong Kong: 10-25 days

Iceland: 14-30 days

India: 15-50 days

Indonesia: 20-40 days

Ireland: 20-40 days

Israel: 20-40 days

Italy: 15-50 days

Japan: 10-25 days

Latvia: 15-40 days

Lithuania: 15-40 days

Luxembourg: 15-35 days

Malaysia: 20-40 days

Mexico: 30-55 days

Netherlands: 14-30 days

New Zealand: 15-30 days

Norway: 15-35 days

Panama: 30-45 days

Poland: 20-50 days

Portugal: 15-35 days

Puerto Rico: 20-40 days

Russian Federation: 15-40 days

Singapore. 14-35 days

Spain: 15-40 days

Sweden: 15-35 days

Thailand: 15-30 days

Turkey: 25-45 days

UAE: 15-45 days

Ukraine: 14-40 days

United Kingdom: 15-40 days

United States: 10-35 days

Uruguay: 20-45 days

Contact us: if you don't see your country on the list for the estimated arrival time.